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How often should my family have dental checkups?

Achieving and maintaining excellent oral health isn’t difficult, and we are here to help you. Our dental team recommends that you bring your family in for dental exams and cleanings every six months. Even if your teeth are feeling fine and aren’t experiencing any noticeable problems, you still need to stay current with these appointments.

It’s always better for your oral health if we find cavities and gum disease when they first start developing. Checkups at the office of Michael Smith, DMD allow us to detect and treat these problems in their earliest stages before they cause discomfort and harm your oral health.

For example, say you have a small cavity that Dr. Smith, Dr. Fazili, or Dr. Ridenhour finds during your routine checkup. We’ll schedule an appointment to place a simple tooth filling and have you on your way with a healthier smile.

But imagine that you’ve missed several checkups and don’t come in until you have a toothache. This means that decay has already caused significant damage to the tooth. Now, instead of a simple filling, we may need to perform a root canal or remove the tooth if it's unsalvageable.

Our Belleville dentists stress the importance of preventive dentistry because it can spare you unnecessary pain and the cost of more complex dental treatment. Dental exams and cleanings every six months—or as recommended—are the easiest and most affordable ways to ensure that your family’s smiles stay healthy. Call us today to schedule your next appointment.

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