Full & Partial Dentures

If you need to replace missing teeth, full dentures and partial dentures are an affordable solution that works well for many people. Today's dentures are a far cry from the fake-looking versions you may remember, and look, fit, and feel better than ever before.

How Full and Partial Dentures Work

We recommend full dentures for patients who have lost an entire arch of teeth, either upper, lower, or both.

Full removable dentures are the most economical solution to replace all missing teeth and are held in place with natural suction and the help of dental adhesives. If you want a longer-lasting, more stable tooth replacement, you may opt for implant-supported dentures, a solution that you can discuss with our dentists.

Partial dentures are used when you have missing teeth but still have some teeth remaining. A partial denture is removable and replaces one or more teeth with an acrylic and metal framework that snaps into place, using the existing teeth for support.

Removable partials are easy to care for, and you can brush and floss your remaining teeth as you normally would, then reinsert your partial denture.

Modern Dentures That Look Like Your Smile

We have all seen dentures that look so fake you feel bad for the person wearing them. That will never happen with our customized dentures because we plan and design them specifically for your unique smile.

You will live with your new dentures for many years, so we want you to love how they make you look and feel. Our dentists spend time with you planning every detail of the look of your new dentures. We will create a wax mock-up of your dentures to give you an idea of how the final result will look and make any last-minute adjustments.

Skilled lab technicians, whose only job is to create beautiful dentures, carefully place each tooth individually in the gum-colored base. We will be sure that your new dentures complement your skin tone, facial features and contours, and even your hair and eye color.

Implant Dentures for a Secure, Stable Fit

We do everything possible to ensure that your dentures provide a snug, secure fit. Even so, removable dentures tend to be unstable and can shift and move when eating, speaking, laughing, or sneezing. This not only leads to awkward and embarrassing moments, but shifting dentures can also cause irritation and even pain when chewing.

If you are interested in more stable dentures that stay securely in place, we will be happy to talk to you about implant dentures to see if they are a good choice for you. By placing a few implants along your jaw and attaching your customized denture to them, we can deliver replacement teeth that stay securely in place.

You can enjoy all your favorite foods just as you would with a full set of healthy teeth, and you have peace of mind knowing that your dentures are going to stay put.

Please Call Us to Get Started

Full and partial dentures can be a more affordable tooth replacement than other options, making them a great value for patients who need an economical solution. Patients in Belleville find that our customized full and partial dentures are easy to wear, simple to clean and care for, and return your ability to eat, speak, and smile without feeling self-conscious.

Please call us to schedule an appointment to see if dentures are the right solution for you.