Digital X-Rays

Preventive dentistry, including comprehensive dental exams, is the foundation for excellent oral health. During these routine checkups, our dentists look for signs of cavities and gum disease to diagnose and treat problems in their earliest stages.

Visual dental exams tell us a lot, but we are limited to what we can see with the naked eye. Since we cannot treat what we can't see, we use digital x-rays to get a full picture of your oral health so that we can identify problems and plan treatment accordingly.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Recent advances in dental technology have reduced radiation levels emitted by routine film x-rays, but we have chosen digital x-rays to protect our patients further. The level of radiation to which you are exposed is small compared to other sources of radiation in your everyday life. For example, a set of bitewing dental x-rays exposes you to about the same radiation you would receive during a two-hour flight.

Diagnosis and Prevention Go Hand in Hand

It's always in your best interest if we can identify and diagnose and treat issues like gum disease and cavities as early as possible. When we do, we can help you avoid discomfort and the cost of more complex treatment in the future. By further ensuring your safety with digital x-rays, we can develop a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve full oral health!

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Using digital x-rays offers many benefits:

Your safety is our priority, and we use digital x-rays because they deliver about 80 percent less radiation than traditional film x-rays.

  • Digital x-ray technology produces highly detailed images that help us detect problems like cavities and gum disease when they are easier to treat.
  • Built-in tools in the x-ray software improve the analysis of the image, so we get more information with less radiation.
  • We can share your digital x-ray image with you on our chairside monitors, and our dentists will show you exactly what the problem is and why treatment is necessary.
  • We store your x-rays in your digital patient file, so they are easy to access in the future. We can also send your x-rays securely online to your insurance company or specialist as needed.
  • Digital x-rays don't require hazardous chemicals to develop, making them better for the environment.

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Dr. Michael Smith views an investment in technology as an investment in you and your optimal oral health. You can always expect the highest standard of dental care from a team you trust to understand your needs and safeguard your oral health.

If it's time for your next dental exam, please call us! We would love to show you how easily we can help you achieve great oral health by combining our skills and experience with state-of-the-art technology.