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Painless, Stress-Free Tooth Extraction Services

Dr. Thomas J. Feder, DDS: Tooth Removal | Tooth Extractions in Belleville, IL

Sometimes, no matter what steps are taken, saving a tooth is impossible. When that happens, it needs to be extracted. While our Belleville, IL dentist office will take every step possible to prevent extractions of a tooth, there are times when it is the best option for your dental health.

Tooth extractions may be done for several reasons. There could be a severe infection that is not treatable using a root canal, or you could have a high amount of decay that makes the tooth potentially more harmful to leave in place. If you have fractured a tooth due to an accident, or if gum disease has caused your teeth to loosen, then extraction can become necessary. Whatever the reason, the office of Dr. Thomas J. Feder knows that extraction is a frightening idea, but we will make your experience easy.

Lessa B. Explains Her Quick and Painless Tooth Removal Experience

The Tooth Extractions Process

We will anesthetize your mouth before tooth extractions so that the process will be completely painless! We also offer nitrous oxide sedation to help ease your fear and anxiety. Once you are relaxed, we will extract the tooth and equip you with the necessary materials and information to ensure your gums heal quickly and safely.

Please be sure to take any painkillers that we prescribe, and be careful not to disturb your healing gums. Don’t drink with a straw, smoke, or spit for at least 24 hours after your tooth is removed. Please check with our team if you are concerned about what you need to do to ensure proper healing.

The initial healing period will take one to two weeks. After that, we will explore any tooth replacement options you are interested in. We highly recommend a dental implant, which will completely restore the entire function and aesthetic of your extracted tooth. You can find out more about our amazing tooth replacement options by visiting our pages on dental implants, bridges, and dentures.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Do you have wisdom teeth that need to be removed? We can help you with that, too! In most situations, your wisdom tooth removal procedure can be completed right here in our office. In some cases, however – such as if you have an impacted tooth or need a higher level of sedation that we offer – we may need to refer you to a specialist. Regardless of the situation, we will ensure that you are in good hands.

Make An Appointment

If you think you need a tooth removed, don’t wait! Getting the care you need quickly can mean the difference between happy, healthy results and further complications.

To schedule an appointment with our team for tooth removal or tooth extractions, please contact us directly. You can call our office today at 618‑235‑5141 or send us a message using our online contact form. We will be happy to help you get the care you need right away.

Having a tooth removed does not have to be scary. Your friends at Thomas J. Feder, DDS, PC are here to make this necessary procedure for tooth removal/tooth extractions worry-free!

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