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Relieving Dental Anxiety

Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Ruin Your Smile

Dr. Thomas J. Feder, DDS: Relieving Dental Anxiety in Belleville, IL

Are you nervous about visiting the dentist? You are not alone. We meet patients every day who are just like you. If you have been avoiding dental care due to fear or dental anxiety, we can help. Now is the time to get the care you need. Below we have answered some of the most common questions we hear regarding dental anxiety. If you have any additional concerns for relieving dental anxiety, please feel free to contact our team.

Dr. Smith on Relieving Dental Anxiety

How Does Vibraject Work?

If you think injections are the terrifying part of going to the dentist, our Belleville family dentist office has an amazing solution: Vibraject. This small piece of equipment is clinically proven to eliminate the feeling of injections by using vibration to distract you.

Vibraject is a small, battery-operated piece of equipment that vibrates when activated. The intensity of the vibration completely overrides the feeling of the injection, so you will not feel any pain at all!

Vibraject is proven to work and is just one way Dr. Feder’s office is making your dental care more comfortable and pain-free.

What Type Of Dental Sedation Do You Offer?

We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help take the edge off your nerves. This type of sedation is great for patients of all ages and is completely safe. Get the care you need with the help of this light, easy sedation technique.

How Do You Maintain A Warm, Comfortable Office Environment?

How many times have you been in the dental chair and felt uncomfortable? We know what that feels like and will do everything we can to help you relax and feel at ease. We have a clean, modern office with plenty of amenities, even televisions mounted on the ceiling above our chairs! We will be happy to tune in to your favorite shows so you can take your mind off your dental care. We also offer pillows and warm blankets as well as headphones. Your comfort is our top priority!
Our staff is also especially skilled at helping patients feel at home. You are in control of your treatment – we will help you get the care you need at a pace you are comfortable with. In short, we don’t want to take money from your pocket, we want to treat you as equals in this partnership.

What Will Happen If I Do Not Get The Dental Care I Need?

By avoiding dental care, you are putting yourself at risk for larger, more complicated, and possibly more expensive dental problems later down the road. We highly recommend maintaining regular dental appointments to help catch any current problems and prevent others from occurring. And don’t worry – if dental anxiety has been stopping you, we can work to make you comfortable and relaxed!

How Can I Schedule An Appointment?

For relieving dental anxiety in Belleville, IL   simply call 618‑235‑5141 or send us a message using our online contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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