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Full, Partial, And Implant-Supported Denture Options

Dr. Thomas J. Feder, DDS: Dentures in Belleville, IL
When you have lost several or all of your teeth, you’ll notice a lot of everyday activities are no longer enjoyable. Eating can become difficult, your gums become sensitive, and the teeth you still have can loosen and fall out more easily. Not only that, but you may suffer from embarrassment about your missing teeth. If you are missing teeth, dentures may be a good fit for you.

Unlike the denture of the past, modern denture look, feel, and function far better. Not only that but with modern materials and building processes, your denture will fit better than you could ever dream!

Depending on how severe your tooth loss is, we can fit you with partial dentures or a full set – it all depends on what you want and need! We even offer dental implant-secured options for a more stable foundation. We recommend talking to our team to determine which of these great denture solutions are right for you.

Alice on her Implant Supported Dentures

Partial Denture

A partial denture replaces several teeth that are missing and fits around existing teeth. A partial denture acts as a removable bridge and is constructed with a gum-colored base to help it blend in while worn.

Like a dental bridge, partial dentures are important to wear if you are missing teeth. The gap left behind by the loss of a tooth causes your other teeth to shift as bone and gums shrink. Wearing a partial denture prevents this and protects your remaining teeth. Not only that, but dentures restore your quality of life and ability to eat the foods you love!

Full Denture

If you are missing all of your teeth, our Belleville dentist office can fit you with a set of full dentures. Full dentures come in two varieties: conventional and immediate. With an immediate set, your dentures are placed as soon as any remaining teeth are extracted. You have less of a healing period and are able to resume normal eating sooner. The downside to immediate dentures is the need for more adjustments to get a good fit. As your mouth heals, the gums and bone shrink, meaning that immediate dentures aren’t sized to fit your mouth once it is completely healed.

Conventional full dentures are built from a casting of your mouth. They take longer to make, so you will be without teeth until the denture is designed in a laboratory. The advantage to conventional dentures is that they are more customized to your mouth and will require less adjustment and work to get a good fit.

Implant-Secured Options

We also offer implant-secured denture solutions. Worried about your new teeth moving around on you when you eat or talk? We can anchor dental implants to your jaw and attach your denture to them so that they will not move around and cause discomfort. For more information on dental implants, please visit our service page.

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