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Root Canal Treatment: Is It Worth It?

  • August 16, 2018

Root Canal Treatment: Is It Worth It?

At Thomas J. Feder, DDS, PC, we’re often asked, “Is root canal treatment worth it?” It’s a good question, especially since there has been so much misinformation about root canals over the years. Really, though, a root canal is no longer a frightening treatment. Dr. Feder and Dr. Smith have been performing this therapy for years and know just when it’s appropriate and how to perform it with minimal discomfort.

Read on for more detail about whether this treatment could benefit you. Then call our Belleville, IL dentist office at 618-219-1412 if you have any more questions. We are here to reassure you.

I’ve Heard Root Canals Cause Cancer

Wanting a tooth extracted rather than getting a root canal is a common request. Part of the reason stems from an old myth about root canals – that they can give people cancer. This has been disproven time and time again by the scientific and medical communities. (It was never true in the first place, either.) In fact, the American Association of Endodontists (root canal specialists) report that “patients with multiple endodontic treatments had a 45 percent reduced risk of cancer.”

More than 25 million root canals are performed safely every year.

I’m Afraid Root Canals Are Painful

Here is the truth behind this: Root canal therapy relieves your pain – it doesn’t cause it. We have a lot of compassion for people who come to our office in so much pain that they can’t avoid treatment any longer. The reason they waited and suffered was because they thought a root canal would be painful.

Yes, at one point, root canals were painful and not nearly as successful as they are today (about a 90 percent success rate of saving your tooth). Our Belleville, IL dentists use modern techniques, tools, and sanitation measures to ensure you stay comfortable during and after (more on this in a bit). So much so that many patients finish their treatment by saying, “That’s it?” or “That’s not as bad as I thought!”

The pain you’re feeling before you seek treatment is from a badly damaged tooth or a tooth infection that has reached the interior of your tooth. If another part of your body were infected, you would treat the infection, not remove the body part! That’s what a root canal does for you. It gets rid of the infection and pain so you can feel better, and it allows you to keep your tooth.

Anesthesia & Sedation Help Relieve Discomfort

We provide anesthesia before your root canal procedure. This numbs the area of your mouth so you don’t feel anything. If you’ve had trouble getting numb before, give us a chance. We make sure you are numb before starting. Just speak up if you still aren’t; we’ll listen.

Take comfort in this, too: Our Vibraject system eliminates the sting from anesthesia. Instead of you feeling the sting, you’ll feel a slight vibration that basically tricks your mind into feeling no pain.

Some people need more comfort than local anesthesia can provide. We understand. And we know that even with all this evidence that root canals aren’t bad, you still might be afraid. So we offer sedation – technically, inhaled sedation. Breathe in and you’ll relax almost immediately. It’s so safe that even kids can use it, and it wears off right after treatment.

I’m Afraid of How Much Root Canals Cost

Yes, we’ve heard this too. Many patients go online to look at the cost of a root canal and decide they just want their tooth extracted. But consider this. A root canal with a restoration (like a dental crown that protects the tooth afterward) actually costs less than an extraction and replacement tooth.

Some people just decide they don’t want a replacement tooth, though, but that’s not a good idea, either. Leaving a missing tooth in your mouth often leads to infection, teeth shifting, bone loss, and more. You could end up doing more damage!

Still, we know root canals aren’t the cheapest dental treatment. That’s why we offer payment options like no-interest financing. Insurance often covers part of the treatment, too, so ask our office about your plan.

Don’t dismiss root canal treatment because you think it’s not worth it. We have saved more teeth – and more smiles – than we can count, thanks to this incredible treatment! Call our Belleville, IL dentist office at 618-219-1412 if you have any tooth pain, discomfort when eating, or lingering sensitivity. We can know for sure whether a root canal is worth it for you. Feel free to request a consultation via our online form, too.