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Boost Your Smile’s Appearance Before Fall

  • August 1, 2018

Boost Your Smile’s Appearance Before Fall

You’re probably starting to wrap up all your summer plans and projects in the next few weeks. If you’re like us, you’ve likely already gone out of town or on vacation, done some work around the house, and have been running back and forth for all the kids’ camps and sports and activities! Before summer is over, be sure to check off one more thing on your list: boost your smile at Thomas J. Feder, DDS, PC.

It’s true – you can fix your flaws and erase your imperfections in less time than you probably thought possible. We’ll showcase a few of these services here, but be sure to call soon to schedule your appointment with a skilled Belleville, IL dentist: 618-219-1412.

Teeth Whitening Takes Little Time & Effort for Big Improvements

Many of our patients are surprised at how much teeth whitening alone can improve their smile – and their overall appearance. White teeth can make your smile look more attractive and healthier, and it can make you look more put together. Our whitening takes just days before you see a significant change, and a few weeks to get a smile that’s several shades brighter.

We’ve found that take-home teeth whitening offers our patients the best experience and results. This isn’t the same as store-bought whitening, though. Our professional whitening is highly concentrated for maximum results. At the same time, it causes less sensitivity. That’s due to the whitening solution itself, but it’s also because we create custom trays that fit over your teeth – not over your gums, where they don’t belong.

Dental Bonding Blends Right into Your Smile

If you’re looking for a quick “coverall” solution, ask Dr. Feder or Dr. Smith about bonding. Also called tooth bonding or cosmetic bonding, this cosmetic dental treatment takes one office trip in most instances.

Your dentist will precisely match the pliable material to your tooth. He will then bond it in place and polish it, so both the color and texture look like your natural tooth. It fixes anything from mild cracks to stains to gaps between teeth.

Dental Crowns: Two Trips to a Totally New-Looking Tooth

Dental bonding is great for mild to moderate repairs and improvements. If you need greater reinforcement, we’ll probably recommend a dental crown. Our Belleville, IL cosmetic dentists can complete this treatment in just two appointments.

A porcelain crown builds your tooth back up, whether it suffered from breaks, cracks, decay, or wear and tear from time or teeth grinding.

Of course, with a combination of high-quality porcelain and skilled dentists who have an eye for exceptional aesthetics, we can design a crown that looks just like your natural teeth. And that’s important – as you might know if you’ve ever noticed a crown that just doesn’t look real.

Take Your Smile to the Next Level Without a Ton of Time

These are just a sampling of ways our Belleville, IL dentist office can boost your smile quickly but effectively. No matter what you need, we always work toward solutions that look pleasing and last. Don’t wait to improve your smile. Call 618-219-1412 or use our online form.