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Gain Your Independence from Dentures

  • July 1, 2018

Gain Your Independence from Dentures

Are you prepared for your Fourth of July celebration this week? If you’re like us, you still have a few errands to run for the holiday feast and festivities. Whether you’re hosting or joining family, we hope you get to spend time in the company of your loved ones and celebrate the freedom we all enjoy.

But there’s another freedom you may be missing out on this Independence Day – freedom from dentures.

At Thomas J. Feder, DDS, our Belleville, IL dentists take great pride in making lifelike dentures. But we can’t deny that dentures have their challenges. If you’re ready to enjoy the freedom dental implants can offer instead, call Dr. Feder and Dr. Smith at 618-219-1412. Then, read below to find out the independence you can expect with teeth that look, work, and feel like real teeth.

Gain Independence to Enjoy Your Food Again

What would you give to enjoy food without thinking about your denture? If you have these replacement teeth, they will dictate what foods you’re free to enjoy. And those foods can be limited.

If you want to enjoy your steak at this week’s gathering, you’ll have to cut it into tiny pieces – or not eat it at all. If you want that corn on the cob, you’ll have to cut it off or pass altogether. What about the pecan pie? Not worth the effort. The list goes on.

Dentures aren’t anchored into your mouth like natural teeth are. Instead, they stay in with a combination of suction, fit, and adhesives. Without that strong hold in your mouth, they can sometimes slip out of place or come out altogether. That’s especially the case when eating foods that you don’t have the bite force needed to chew correctly.

You deserve to be free to eat what you want. You shouldn’t have to remember the holiday because your teeth came out with your corn on the cob. Let Dr. Feder and Dr. Smith help restore this simple freedom that many take for granted.

We can provide strong, reliable dental implants. They’re anchored into your jaw just like teeth are. That’s what makes them able to endure pressure from eating. So you can have your steak and eat it too!

Gain Independence to Smile with Confidence Again

It’s embarrassing when your false teeth slide around. That can also make you afraid to smile, whether you’re listening to your grandson talk about his sports camp over this week’s dinner or just smiling in photos with the family. You also might be afraid to smile if your dentures don’t look real. If that’s your situation, you know what it feels like to have someone stare at your teeth while you’re speaking.

You shouldn’t be held captive to your dentures. Gain the freedom to smile openly with dental implants. Implants are placed under your gums, so no one will see them. They’ll only see the realistic teeth attached to the top.

We create beautiful crowns, bridges, and dentures that attach firmly to your implants. Many of our patients have told us that they can’t tell the difference between their natural remaining teeth and their implants! They now have the freedom to smile without covering their mouth or worrying that their teeth will fall out.

With that newfound freedom in their appearance, they have gained the confidence to explore new social opportunities, new relationships, and even new careers. Talk about a reason to smile!

Gain Independence to Live without Pain

If you have a good set of dentures, they should not cause pain. But it is possible to experience some discomfort, including:

  • Sores in your mouth, particularly when you’re getting used to a new set
  • Discomfort when you eat certain foods
  • Pain when they stop fitting like they used to, or because they never fit well in the first place
  • Infection due to bacteria buildup and/or gum disease (more likely with dentures)
  • Gum irritability and soreness

We believe no one should have to deal with pain on a regular basis. Our job is to help relieve your dental pain.

Gain the freedom from discomfort that you deserve. Implants can eliminate these problems. Enjoy teeth that are the closest thing to the ones Mother Nature gave you!

Gain Independence to Live Life

If your teeth are restricting you from living life freely, it’s time to gain your freedom from dentures. Call our Belleville, IL dentist office at 618-219-1412. You can also use our online form to set up an appointment. Next Independence Day, you could be free to smile, laugh, and eat without pain or fear.