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5 Reasons to Choose Thomas J. Feder DDS PC

  • March 9, 2018

5 Reasons to Choose Thomas J. Feder DDS PC

How many dental offices have you been to that felt cold, uninviting, and just not appealing? How often have you been left waiting in the reception area ten, fifteen, even thirty minutes past your scheduled appointment slot? How many times have you sat uncomfortably reclined in a lumpy dentist’s chair, chilly and exposed?

Not all dentist offices are the same.

If you are seeking a new sort of dental home — one that places as much importance on patient comfort and satisfaction as on providing top-notch clinical care — schedule an appointment with Thomas J. Feder DDS PC. We want your experience to be positive from the moment you step through our doorway. Here we’ve listed a few of the things that set us apart.

For comfortable general dentistry in Belleville, IL, call 618-219-1412.

Our Team Is Tops

Spend a few minutes perusing our staff bios, and something may stand out to you. Take a look at the dates. We have seven employees who have been working with us for twenty years or longer — including one, Liz, who has been with Dr. Feder since 1974! We take enormous pride in the longevity of our team members, as we believe it reflects the sort of positive and supportive working environment we’ve tried hard to create.

And when you have so many people who see each other every day over such a long period of time, it’s inevitable that you become family to each other.

And just as the people who work here become family, our patients become family. They return to us because they know they will be treated well. Our staff are experienced, well-trained, and naturally nurturing people who know how ease any anxiety you may have.

We Calm Your Nerves

We understand that dental visits are sources of fear and anxiety for a pretty large percentage of the population. That may be due to any number of reasons, from a bad experience in the past to squeamishness about the sound of the drill. But whatever the source of your fear, we believe it’s our responsibility to do what we can to put it to rest. In addition to our fantastic staff, we have a number of amenities that will help make your visit a pleasant one.

  • Our office is clean and comfortable.
  • We can give you a soft pillow and warm blanket to make you cozier in the dental chair.
  • Flat-screen TVs mounted on the ceilings of our exam rooms help you take your mind off your mouth.

We Stay on Top of Technology

Dental technology has progressed at lightning speed over the past few decades, and that has been a great thing for you, the dental patient. Procedures that used to be uncomfortable, long, and invasive — and, frankly, were probably the source of many people’s dental anxiety today — have been streamlined and made non invasive and pain free. At Thomas J. Feder DDS PC, we’ve adopted technological innovations that improve clinical care and patient comfort.

We use digital X-rays, which provide superior images faster than conventional X-rays. The process for taking them is easier, and you are exposed to just a fraction of the radiation.

If you’ve had dental procedures in the past requiring anesthesia, you may have found the injection of the numbing medication the most unpleasant aspect of the process. Our Vibraject anesthesia delivery system takes the pain out of injections. It is a small piece of equipment that vibrates while the needle goes in, preventing you from feeling it at all.

We Are There for Your Dental Emergency

When you have a broken tooth, knocked-out tooth, unexplained pain, or other dental emergency, you need to see us fast. We will generally be able to see you that very day. We understand that the longer you wait for treatment, the lower the likelihood we’ll be able to save your knocked-out tooth and the higher the risk for infection. Visit our dental emergency page for tips on how to handle an emergency situation until you get to our office.

We Respect Your Time

There are few things more frustrating than making an effort to get to a medical or dental appointment at the scheduled time, only to be left sitting in the reception area long past it.

We understand that you have a better things to do than sit in our waiting room, and we think it’s plain disrespectful to keep you waiting. We make it a priority to see you at your designated time.

If you are looking for a dental home in Belleville, IL, call Thomas J. Feder DDS PC. We offer a full menu of general dentistry services. You may get in touch with us via the web or call our office at 618-219-1412.

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