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Dentist-Guided Whitening Is Easy In Belleville!

  • April 22, 2016

Dentist-Guided Whitening Is Easy In Belleville!

Welcome to the Thomas J. Feder dentistry blog!

We are your time-tested Belleville-based dental office. When you first step foot into our modern, seven-chair office, you’ll know right away you’ve found the right dentist for you.

You’ll also quickly discover that we have all the know-how to back up that claim!

We have some great strategies for helping you keep your mouth clean and your smile looking great.

The latter is not always easy, especially if you like coffee. And tea. And red wine. And chocolate. You get the idea.

In addition to the effects of age, our daily habits will leave their mark on our teeth. And those marks look like yellow film and dark stains. In short, it isn’t pretty. In fact, it can be downright embarrassing.

But never fear, our team is here to help you reverse the effects of discoloration.

Leave The Job To Thomas J. Feder!

If there is one thing we know about in our office, it is teeth! So, you can bet we will get you the best-looking smile possible when you leave the whitening to us.

We actually use at-home whitenings to get your teeth back to a more pristine state.

There are a lot of different ways to whiten teeth, there’s zoom lights, there’s laser whitening; there are all kinds of different ways of whitening teeth. We have found that the easiest, most cost-effective, and best way overall is take-home bleaching.

Unlike in-office whitening procedures, take home whitening is gentler on your teeth and runs less risk of causing you any tooth sensitivity. Trust us, our take home whitening is just as effective as the other practices’ in-office procedures, making it a smarter and more convenient choice for you.

To kickstart the process, we will make a custom appliance that you wear to bed at night. Don’t worry, it’s extremely comfortable. You simply put the gel in and let it do its work. It usually takes two to four weeks of nightly wear to get the results you want.

You will be impressed by the bleaching system that we use to get the job done. And our professional process will work to quickly brighten your smile!

One of the benefits of having a dentist-guided teeth whitening treatment from is that you get to use our custom-made whitening trays that are designed to get the results you want.

In fact, our whitening trays come from impressions of your actual teeth, so you know that they are going to be an exact fit in your mouth, making them very effective and safe.

That way, you won’t have to worry about damaged gums or disappointment.

Brighten Your World!

It’s so easy to get a brighter smile! Why not make it happen soon?

If you would like to discuss the advantage of our take-home teeth whitening procedures, call us at (618) 219-1412 or contact us to make an appointment online. We can’t wait to see your smiling face in our Belleville, Illinois office!

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