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Get Your Life Back With Dental Implants in Belleville!

  • April 15, 2016

Get Your Life Back With Dental Implants in Belleville!

Welcome to the Thomas J. Feder blog! We are glad you found our virtual home. We hope you like what you see enough to come see us in-person sometime. Around here, we try to treat all patients, whether they’re wealthy, or poor, or come in with special needs, the same as we would treat our own family.

So, what brings you here today?

Are you…

…struggling to find your way after tooth loss?

…hoping to restore the health of your smile?

…hoping to look better?

Then you came to the right place!

Tooth Loss Is Life-Changing (In A Bad Way)

No matter how it happens, when you lose teeth as an adult, it will turn your world upside down. First of all, after the initial loss, your remaining teeth will try to reposition themselves in an effort to compensate for the hole.

Then your cheeks will collapse (so you will look like an older version of yourself), and your mouth won’t be able to effectively chew all the fiber-rich foods that boost your health.

If not treated quickly, tooth loss can destroy your once happy lifestyle. Your health, looks, self-esteem, and other areas will all be negatively impacted. You will feel embarrassed and depressed until you do something about it.

But, don’t despair, we are here with the tools and training to get you through this rough patch! At Thomas J. Feder we can provide a permanent solution for your dental woes in the form of dental implants.

Implants are actually something that we just started placing in our office. In the past, anyone that needed an implant, would have been directed to a specialist who did a wonderful job. But now that we can do it in the office, we can save you some time and we can cut your costs down considerably.

What’s So Special About Implants?

Before dental implants came along, a dental bridge was the only option available if you were missing a single tooth.

The dentist would grind down the teeth on either side of the gap from the missing tooth and place a false tooth with two crowns over the ground teeth. While this fixed the aesthetic issue of a missing tooth and also restored function, it still created potential complications for neighboring teeth.

Modern implants function as replacement “teeth” with strong artificial roots. As such, implants can quickly help you reclaim your biting power and your normal appearance. They do all that without interfering with your remaining natural teeth.

Just keep in mind: not all patients are eligible for implants. You do have to be in a healthy condition, generally speaking with no underlying issues or known problems. Still, if you are deemed to be a good candidate, our implants can get you back on track fast.

What To Expect

Dental implants will mimic the look and function of your original teeth, and with the right care and attention, they will last forever.

Moreover, this treatment involves a minimally invasive two-part procedure that goes like this:

Initially, a titanium post is installed into your jaw to function as the root. This post will need to fuse with your bone for a couple of months before we can embark on the second step of the process.

After sufficient healing has occurred, you will be summoned back to our office to receive your crown, which is the top of the implant–the part that looks like a real tooth.

And that’s all there is to it. Then you can get back to living the life you love! Remember, the whole dental implant procedure is now done in-house here at Thomas J. Feder by the team you are already well acquainted with.

Since that is the case, and we already alluded to this, your implant treatment will be more affordable, more comfortable, and more convenient than at other area offices that still outsource the implant procedure.

Take Back Your Life!

Contact us to schedule your dental implant consultation at Thomas J. Feder today! Give us a call at (618) 219-1412, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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