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Why Does Teeth Whitening Fail?

  • March 9, 2016

Why Does Teeth Whitening Fail?

Did you know that approximately 40 percent of adults want to change something about their smiles? Of that 40 percent more than half want something that should be simple: whiter, brighter teeth. But it isn’t that easy, is it?

If you’ve ever purchased a whitening kit from the drugstore or while grocery shopping you’ve probably experienced the big whitening letdown: you’re supposed to get results but instead you don’t get anything!

There’s a few good reasons that this happens, and that’s exactly what we’re going to cover today. Our Belleville dental team has been getting teeth whiter and brighter for years and we’ve come to find out a few not-so-commonly known reasons that teeth whitening fails.

There Can Be Only One (Whitening Gel That Works)

There are a lot of ideas about what can and can’t whiten teeth, and we can tell you from experience that there’s only one thing that truly works: hydrogen peroxide. Good old H2O2 breaks down into oxygen and water, and when it does it’s able to scrub your teeth clean of particles that stain and discolor them.

Unfortunately, hydrogen peroxide is incredibly unstable. Room temperatures, light, and even moisture can cause it to break down outside of your mouth – you don’t want that in a whitening product! To counter this instability a lot of over-the-counter whitening products come in the form of carbamide peroxide, which is just hydrogen peroxide with urea added.

This creates a more stable compound, but it also leads to less strength. Because carbamide first has to break down into hydrogen peroxide you’re looking at longer treatment times with less active ingredient – not ideal at all!

Potency Matters – A Lot!

Carbamide peroxide isn’t the only reason that over-the-counter whitening gels fail to live up to expectations. They’re also nowhere near as strong as professional strength ones, whether pure hydrogen peroxide or not.

For starters, consider the fact that a 15 percent carbamide solution is really only about as strong as a five percent hydrogen peroxide one. Most over-the-counter whitening products will only get to about 15 percent at the max, nowhere near as strong as the professional products we can prescribe.

Professional whitening gels can be much stronger, going all the way to about 35 or 40 percent hydrogen peroxide. The strength we prescribe is based on the current color of your teeth and your target whiteness. You can’t get that level of predictability from over-the-counter kits!

Whitening Trays: Buyer Beware

Remember what we said about moisture ruining whitening gels? There’s one particular kind of moisture that does whitening gels in almost instantly: saliva.

That’s right – your mouth is a completely inhospitable place for the gels you use to whiten your teeth! If you want to get decent results you have to be sure your whitening trays is sealing the gel off from the rest of your mouth, and over-the-counter trays can’t guarantee that!

Whitening trays have to be custom built to fit your mouth. Custom fit guards are able to ensure a tight seal and an even distribution of gel that will get real results. The one-size-fits-all trays that come in drugstore kits aren’t able to do that at all!

How Our Whitening Is Different

When you come to the office of Dr. Thomas J. Feder, DDS, for teeth whitening you’ll be getting a lot of things that you can’t find in commercial kits. Your whitening gel will be hydrogen peroxide based, it’ll be strong, and we’ll build a whitening tray that’s specifically designed to fit your mouth.

Just a few hours of treatment a night will get you noticeably whiter teeth within weeks. You won’t have to worry about making a bad investment with professional whitening at our Belleville office – we have all the things you need to truly brighten your smile!

We can understand that you might still have hesitation about investing in teeth whitening, especially if you were burned by a bargain kit before. We want to assure you that you’ll really see results from a professional treatment, so we encourage you to contact us with any other questions you have.

Your Whiter Smile Is Just Weeks Away

If you’re ready to finally get the whitening results you’ve been looking for we’re ready to deliver them! Don’t wait any longer – call our Belleville office today at 618-219-1412 or request an appointment here online. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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