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Dealing With A Toothache? Find Out Why!

  • March 1, 2016

Dealing With A Toothache? Find Out Why!

If you’ve ever had a toothache you know how miserable – and frustrating – it can be. You can’t quite figure out where the pain is coming from, you don’t know why it’s happening, and you have no idea how serious it is.

Living with that kind of fear and uncertainty can be crippling, which is why the team at our Belleville dentist office is here to help. We consider toothaches to be dental emergencies, which is why we’ll gladly see you the same day you call.

It’s also important to understand what might be going on in your mouth, which is exactly what we’re going to discuss today. Hopefully a complete rundown of dental pain and the reasons it happens can give you some peace of mind!

Sensitivity To Temperature

Hot and cold foods can be a source of serious pain, and these kinds of toothaches are also quite common. If you’ve dealt with this kind of pain you’re probably pretty nervous about it, especially if you can never quite tell when it’s going to happen.

Temperature sensitivity gets divided into two different categories: shorter than 30 seconds and longer than 30 seconds.

  • Shorter: quick pain from heat and cold isn’t as great a cause for concern, but it still needs to be addressed. The typical causes of this kind of pain is an aging filling, a minor cavity, or some small-scale gum recession. All of these problems need to be treated, but you’re going to be okay.
  • Longer: if you notice temperature-related pain lasting longer than 30 seconds things are a bit more serious. In this case you’re probably dealing with a cavity that has reached all the way to the root of a tooth. These cases require a root canal, and it’s important that we take care of it quick. If you leave these kinds of problems untreated you could end up losing the tooth!

Pain When Biting Down

There’s no good that can come of this kind of pain. Your teeth are designed to distribute force with minor flexing, and when they’re severely decayed, fractured, or a filling is about to fall out they can’t do it correctly.

All of these cases require immediate care. Teeth that hurt when you bite down are in serious trouble, so don’t wait to see if this kind of pain will get better. The bottom line is that it will only get worse!

Aches In Your Teeth And Jaw

A lot of us suffer from a bad habit of grinding, gnashing, or clenching our teeth and jaws. Also called bruxism, this bad habit can have serious long term effects on your oral health! If you have a dull ache in your teeth or jaw there’s a good possibility you’re dealing with the results of a bruxing habit.

The worst part about bruxism is how hard it can be to diagnose. There are usually physical symptoms in advanced cases, but most of the time you won’t even know it’s going on. Most people who suffer from bruxism are doing it in their sleep, never realizing that they’re doing so much damage to their teeth, gums, and jaw.

Bruxism is a common cause of jaw joint pain as well. While it might not sound like these are urgent issues they are – untreated bruxism and TMJ pain can lead to worn, decayed, and even lost teeth. That’s not even to mention the pain!

Severe Pain, Swelling, Sensitivity, Pressure, And Fever

If a toothache has advanced to the point where it’s constant, severe, swollen, and painful to the touch you probably have an abscess. When an infection in your teeth or gums becomes severe enough it can spread into the bone and soft tissue around it and cause serious damage.

An abscess is a pocket of infected tissue that is extremely dangerous, potentially causing tissue damage, tissue, loss, lost teeth, and infection elsewhere in the body. Never wait when you might have an infection – the results could be devastating!

Your Pain Can Be Gone Today!

When you come to see us at the office of Dr. Thomas J. Feder, DDS, we’ll work fast to eliminate your pain and have you feeling comfortable. Once you’re free of pain we’ll work quickly to solve the problem and have you back on your feet.

No one should have their life derailed by a toothache, which is why we’ll do everything we can to get you in to see us the very same day you call. Don’t delay – contact our Belleville office right away at 618-219-1412!

For non-emergency needs you can request an appointment online. We look forward to helping you!

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