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Give Your Dentures Something To Hold On To

  • February 25, 2016

Give Your Dentures Something To Hold On To

There are only two phases of living with dentures. There’s the before, where you think that anything could be better than living with missing teeth and a ruined smile. Dentures, it seems, would be a suitable solution to that problem.

Then there’s the second phase: the after. If you’ve worn dentures you know there’s really no honeymoon period with them: things go straight from hoping they’ll be great to realizing they won’t be. Years of living with dentures doesn’t get any easier – in fact it tends to get worse! If you want to find relief from dentures that don’t stay put you’ve come to the right place: our Belleville office can stabilize and secure your dentures better than you ever thought possible!

Why Dentures Aren’t That Great

Patient after patient tells us about the problems they have with their dentures. We hear a lot of complaints, but some have definitely stood out as the most typical. You’ll probably find something in this list that you can identify with!

Dentures That Don’t Stay Put

Whoever thought suction was sufficient to keep dentures in place was seriously mistaken. If you’ve spent any time wearing them you know how slippery and unpredictable they can be. There’s a good chance you spend a whole bunch of time thinking about your teeth: life shouldn’t be like that!

A lot of our patients have mentioned being embarrassed by their dentures, whether they fell out, came loose, slipped during a smile, or made it hard to speak. It’s just a simple fact: dentures don’t stay put! And the only thing those creams, pastes, and adhesives seem to do is make your mouth taste horrible and feel sticky – all without securing your dentures.

As your dentures age they’ll fit worse and worse, too. The bone that you lose along with your teeth doesn’t stop once they’re gone, meaning your dentures are based off of a mold of your mouth from a very specific point in time.

Missing Good Food And Flavor?

Denture patients are often found to be suffering from nutritional problems because eating simply becomes a chore. Dentures won’t stay put so you can eat your favorite foods, and the ones that are left behind end up being flavorless because the roof of your mouth is covered. The call foods “palatable” for a reason” – the roof of your mouth is important for taste!

When eating becomes difficult people often simply stop eating, or only eating the bare minimum they need to survive. This doesn’t help you lead a healthy, happy life – quite the opposite, in fact. No one deserves to spend their senior years having such a love-hate relationship with food. Now is the time you should be enjoying all your favorite meals.

Gum Irritation That Won’t Go Away

Your natural teeth are designed to disburse force in two ways: first, they flex a bit to absorb pressure, and the excess is transferred into your jaw. Dentures, on the other hand, just end up blasting your gums with all the forces that your natural teeth would send elsewhere. That’s painful!

Your gums weren’t meant to handle that kind of force, which ends up leading to soreness, inflammation, and sensitivity. On top of that, your dentures are covered in plaque bacteria that gets ground into your gums. That causes even more irritation, and a lot of denture patients end up just giving up on them!

You Have Options!

What if we told you your dentures could be held securely in place all day long? It’s not a dream – it’s possible with implant supported dentures at the office of Dr. Thomas J. Feder, DDS! Using a series of dental implants, we’ll create a system that allows your dentures to snap comfortably in place all day – you’ll just take them out in the evening and be all set!

  • No more slipping or embarrassment!
  • No more sensitive, irritated gums!
  • No more coverage on the roof of your mouth – we can remove that part of your dentures!

Imagine being able to live comfortably and easily with reliable, sturdy, and functional dentures. You’ll be eating your favorite foods again and smiling with confidence – all it takes is a visit to our Belleville office!

Make The Choice For A Happier Smile

Don’t spend another day living with dentures you hate. Call us right away at 618-219-1412 so we can change your life! You can also request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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