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A Message Dental Insurance Providers Don’t Want You to Know

  • January 2, 2016

As a family dental practice owner, I field questions about dental insurance all the time. Patients want to know what is considered good or bad dental insurance and what to look for when selecting an insurance provider.

Unfortunately, there is no set answer for what to search for when finding the right insurance for your dental needs. But I can tell you about a few things your dental insurance REALLY doesn’t want you to know about – and what you should look out for in 2016!

We can probably all agree that insurance companies exist to make money. As such, there are many aspects of your coverage that insurance companies would be extremely happy if you never knew about. One of the biggest of those is your annual allotment for dental treatments.

If you don’t use your annual insurance amount by Dec. 31, YOUR money goes back into the insurance company’s bottom line.

So, ask yourself this: At the end of 2015, did your dental insurance company warn you that you were on the verge of giving away hundreds of dollars in coverage you had already paid for? I’m willing to bet you were never notified, and that your money went right back to the insurance company’s bottom line.

Last year I had several patients throw away hundreds of dollars, and I don’t want you to fall in that same trap this year. I want you to get what you pay for!

What Dental Insurance Companies Don’t Tell You!
Many of my patients complain about the quality of their dental insurance, and I can’t blame them. The co-pays are not always great, and the annual allotment of dental insurance dollars never seems to increase.

Patients with dental insurance typically receive anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 every year for dental treatment. Two things typically happen: Either we go way over our annual allotment, or we never come close to using the full amount.

The latter is a serious problem, because it’s the equivalent of throwing your money away. You paid a monthly premium for an entire year only to lose hundreds of dollars your insurance company owed you. That’s right! Your insurance company owed you money, and you let them off the hook.

The worst part is that many patients who let their insurance company take their dental insurance dollars have outstanding dental issues that their insurance dollars could have gone toward correcting. No dental issue will go away on its own. In fact, the problem almost always gets worse, which of course leads to expensive treatments and procedures in the future.

The basic rule with dental care is that you can pay a little now or a lot later! Preventive and maintenance is always less expensive than restorative treatments. Still, here is a scenario I see often: A patient skips their second appointment of the year because of their busy holiday schedule, and then comes to us at the first of the year with substantial dental problems. In no time at all, they have already blown through their annual insurance dollars and are left paying for everything out of pocket.

This can all be easily avoided!

A new year means new insurance dollars for you and your family. You can finally fix that nagging oral health issue without paying for the entire procedure out of pocket, or you can plan out the next 12 months of dental treatments today at your computer after reading this blog.

Don’t cheat yourself out of money or let your dental issues get worse! Call our office today at 618-219-1412 to schedule an appointment or to ask us about your renewed insurance dollars.

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