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Chew Without Pain this Thanksgiving | Belleville, IL

  • November 12, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Belleville! After weeks of preparation, the holiday is nearly upon us! From everyone at the office of Thomas J. Feder, DDS, PC, we’d like to wish everyone a joyous holiday. We hope that all of our patients have a safe holiday and make lots of wonderful memories with their families.

But problems with your oral health can turn a joyous day into a painful experience. In our last three posts, we’ve detailed how the services our office provides can help improve your smile this Thanksgiving. If you feel ashamed about smiling for the camera due to discolored teeth, we can make them dazzle with professional teeth whitening. If you have gaps in your smile caused by missing teeth, you might likewise feel unwilling to smile. We can fix that problem with dental implants. If you have an infection and can’t eat the foods you love, we can often relieve your pain with a root canal.

In today’s post, we want to tell you about dental crowns and our other methods of repairing tooth decay. If you’re over the age of forty, then there’s about a ninety percent chance that you’ve had a cavity at some point in your lifetime. Most people will experience at least one or two cavities. Cavities are among the most common forms of tooth decay.

Tooth decay can strike without warning; this is because tooth decay is process which begins every time you take a bite of food. Even with regular brushing and flossing, microscopic particles of food are left on your teeth. This particles act as a magnet for bacteria; once this bacteria has landed on your teeth, it turns into an acidic film of plaque. Plaque causes cavities and other forms of tooth decay.

Tooth decay can keep you from eating your favorite foods this Thanksgiving, it is among the most common causes of toothaches and other other dental pain. Luckily, relief from tooth decay is available at the office of Thomas J. Feder in Belleville, IL. Many cavities can be filled with a dental filling.

At our comfortable and modern office, we offer two types of fillings: composite fillings and amalgam fillings. Composite fillings are made of a blend of plastics and glass; we recommend this type of filling if the tooth is visible when you smile. For cavities on your chewing surfaces and back teeth, we recommend amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings are made of a mixture of metals and are the most durable type of filling.

But sometimes tooth decay can be too severe to repair with a dental filling. For larger and more extensive cavities, we recommend dental crowns. A dental crown is cap which is placed over your existing tooth; these caps are designed to mimic the appearance of your natural tooth, and protect the tooth from further decay or harm. A dental crown can help get you chewing again, free of pain and discomfort.

There are several different types of crowns available. Some crowns are made of ceramics or composite materials; these crowns are tooth-colored and often chosen if you need a crown towards the front of your smile. These crowns are tooth-colored and durable. For for crowns placed on the chewing surface of your back teeth, we may recommend a metal crown for increased strength and durability. With proper care, your dental crown from the office of Thomas J. Feder in Belleville, IL, will last for decades.

To place a crown, we begin by evaluating your tooth. We examine its strength and structure trough a dental exam and series of digital x-rays. We will then numb your mouth, and prepare your tooth to receive the crown. Generally, some enamel needs to be removed from the tooth to make room for the crown. After we’ve prepared the tooth, we will fit it with a temporary crown.

Your permanent crown will be made in a dental laboratory. When your custom-designed and created crown is ready, you will come back to our office and we will securely bond it to your tooth. We may also use crowns in several other situations. Crowns are used to restore a tooth after a root canal, or to hold a dental bridge into place.

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