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The Truth about Diet Sodas

  • June 25, 2015

Hello, Belleville. It’s great to see you back for the latest installment the dental blog from the office of Thomas J. Feder, DDS, PC. We hope you are enjoying these early days of summer. There is nothing quite like an Illinois summer, and we love to see all the families of Belleville out having fun with each other and enjoying healthy living.

Of course, these days it’s harder to tell what is healthy living and what is not. With all the misinformation out there, making wise decisions about your oral health and that of your family can be extremely tough. That is why a blog like this one is so useful. We take oral health and modern dentistry very seriously, and want you to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Arguably, the most important component of a healthy lifestyle is a set of teeth you can rely upon, and taking care of those teeth should be a priority for anyone who is concerned with looking and feeling as good as they possibly can. Which is why it is a shame there is so much misinformation out there about how to maintain healthy oral hygiene.

Diet sodas are the perfect example. These beverages are marketed as being a healthier alternative to sugary sodas, but in truth, they are no more healthy than a regular soda, especially when oral health is concerned. You may think that diet soda is a better choice because it doesn’t contain sugar. But this is based on the misconception that sugar is the sole cause of tooth decay. Unfortunately, there is plenty in diet sodas to rot your teeth.

Sugar Free Doesn’t Mean Safe for Your Teeth

The reason so many people think that simply avoiding sugar will be enough to prevent tooth decay is that they do not understand how tooth decay works. Yes, sugar is a major component of tooth decay, but it does not work alone.

The true bad guy behind tooth decay is the notorious bacteria known as dental caries. Dental caries feeds on sugar and produces acid as a by product. The acid which results from the union of dental caries and sugar corrodes your tooth enamel. Even though enamel is the strongest substance in your body, this acid eats through it, causing a cavity. So, as you can see, there are three major causes of tooth decay: bacteria, sugar, and acid.

Diet soda does not contain sugar, that much is true, but it does contain a large amount of acid, and that is what makes it so bad for your teeth. Since diet sodas don’t have sugar, they use phosphoric and citric acids to give it that bite and tang the artificial sweeteners just don’t have. The problem is: these acids are very caustic to your teeth’s enamel.

Phosphoric acid is particularly bad for your teeth because it does more than corrode your teeth. It also prevents your body from absorbing calcium, which it needs to repair damaged enamel. And citric acid is dangerous because it is in so many different drinks, including supposedly healthy ones, like fruit juice and vitamin water.
Drink Water and Visit Our Office in Belleville

The only thing truly safe to drink all the time is water. Water will even counteract the negative effects of diet soda if you drink it afterward. So, be sure to always have some water handy, and you will be able to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

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